About Us

Interverbum Technology is a research and development company composed of specialists within the translation management technology industry, providing terminology management solutions for global organizations.

All research and development has been customer-driven since the company’s inception in 1999 in Linköping, Sweden. From the first day, our mission has been to make language translation management more efficient for organizations around the world. We closely monitor developments in the industry and adjust our tools and processes to let you efficiently document and manage your language translation processes, ensuring consistency in terminology use and writing style. We work with leading industry organizations in refining our terminology management solutions. Interverbum Technology has head offices in Stockholm and Chicago.

If you need a professional partner for Multilingual Communications and Transcreation our sister company Nescit Translation is the right place! They have experience of all existing roles of the process – as translators, copywriters, marketeers, designers, localization engineers and software developers and will give you broad-based support for your communications needs through a one-stop approach, encompassing processes, professionals and smart technology.