About Us

Powering innovation through expertise since 1999.

Interverbum Technology is a research and development company with main offices in Stockholm and Chicago. We are specialized in language technology which provides terminology solutions for global organizations.

TermWeb, our terminology management system, is a cloud-based solution featuring an open architecture for effortless integration, and advanced workflow and administration functionality for automating your processes. From our inauguration 20 years ago, we have been leading the way in developing the art of terminology management.

Our mission is simple: help organizations and businesses all over the world turn their complex ecosystem of technologies into a vehicle of organizational growth through effective, efficient terminology management. We work closely with leading industry organizations to refine our terminology management solutions, as well as monitor developments in the industry and adjust our tools and processes accordingly.

The result? Making terms matter, through the creation of more efficient language translation techniques, leading to greater consistency in terminology use and writing style.