Terminology Management

Terminology Management Made SimpleTerminology management is the life-cycle process of terminology. All consumers and businesses worldwide deal in terminology; context specific terms that should be universally understood across languages, regions, industries and sciences.

Terminology is vital for reducing ambiguity and facilitating universal communication. In its simplest form, it’s about using the correct term in a specific context. Sometimes it’s as simple as using a correct translation, other times it’s about keeping your business branding consistent. Terminology management is about how you introduce, store, administrate and communicate your terminology.
Considering the depth, breadth and variety of specialized information, along with innumerous translation requirements associated with companies operating internationally, it is imperative that terminology management be conducted with the highest standards in accuracy and efficiency. For companies to achieve these goals, it becomes equally important for them to engage undisputed experts when it comes to managing complicated terminological challenges.

At Interverbum Technology, we employ vast expertise in marshalling and manipulating terminological resources to achieve any specific purpose our clients desire. For most companies, this includes creating or procuring terminological assets for publishing dictionaries and glossaries, term extraction, term database management, problem solving among multi-lingual correlations found in language translation work, or even coping with new terms that consistently arise in technical writing.

Ultimately, capable terminology management allows enterprises to enjoy increased comprehension and understanding among the global community of its product offerings or services. When enterprise information attains this type of clarity in the marketplace, companies can perform far better for obvious reasons; benefits from which operators and customers alike can surely profit.

SIS Swedish Standards Insitute logoInterverbum Technology supports The Swedish Standards Institute (SIS). As part of ISO and CEN, SIS manages a network of experts who work to create international standards.