• 25 users - Annual

TermWeb Subscription for 12 months. 

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to track and maintain your terminology? Are you looking for an easy yet powerful terminology management tool to start working on and sharing your termbase?

Then TermWeb is what you are looking for!

The most powerful terminology management
solution on the market
is now also the most affordable.

By purchasing TermWeb, you receive your own personal web-based client for you to administrate. No need for any installations and you can start working with your terminology within minutes of accessing the client. Create users for your colleagues, translators or validators. Buy additional Guest users to publish your termbase and/or receive term suggestions. Manage your database repositories directly in TermWeb.

Some features:

  • Completely web-based
  • Fully customizable termbase structure
  • Powerful and advanced search functionality
  • Shareable logical operator based filters.
  • Import/export functionality, from/to standard formats
  • Automation via customizable workflows and access right controls.

Your subscription can be upgraded at any time on your request. Such an upgrade
will get you even more licenses and the option to install on your local server.

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25 users - Annual

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  • Ex Tax: 3,750.00€

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